Is your home a USB hub?

Over time our house has changed!

We used to have plenty of those AC Adaptors with the round pin (the old Nokia phone chargers, you know the ones I’m talking about), to now being a Universal Serial Bus (aka USB). It struck me the other day when I was having a tidy around of how many USB cables we had in the house. The picture I took it just a sample of the cables laying around. I’m sure there’s more than double if I cared to hunt for them.

How many devices now use USB?

So most smartphones these days have a micro-usb or similar (of course Apple have to be different these days). But the “other end” is USB2 or USB3, so and whichever way you plug them in, it’ll be upside down, sods-law! My Amazon Fire stick requires a USB adapter. My Samsung S7 requires a USB adapter. My little portable camera… USB! Everything is USB, and you know the one thing that gets me? When I need a cable it’s either to short or way too long. We’ve got cables in the car to reach from the front to the back so the kids can charge there devices whilst we drive.

How long until the 3-pin-plug is replaced? Can we manage to totally go USB?

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