Lets meet up for a coffee?

Coffee is King!

So those that know me, know I’m a bit of a geek and what keeps us geeks going? Caffeine! And plenty of it. Coffee is well known to help give us that boast that we need when we’re feeling low or stressed. When we have work to do, don’t feel bad about taking a little break and make a good coffee. My personal favourite of making a nice cafeteria of coffee. Taking the time to prepare a good coffee is as much of the pleasure and a skill as the taste. You should never rush coffee.

But do we under estimate the power of coffee? Is coffee much more than just a drink?

Over the past decade we’ve seen a change of habits with the decline of pubs that are turning into restaurants and focusing more on the food side.

Is coffee the new social thing?

I often hear people say, “let’s meet up for a coffee” So is coffee the new social toy? We’ve seen the rise of Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Café Nero and many more chain names, but there’s also an alarming amount of individual coffee establishments that growing and these are the ones that we should be supporting more for our “let’s meet up for a coffee”. Support the individual businesses rather than the larger organisation. Even if they don’t have a high street presence it doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough. Just because they could be mobile, it’s still a business.


With my job I often find myself doing lengthy journeys and there’s nothing better than having a coffee to see me through the miles ahead. If you’re like me, support your local coffee person.


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