How do you sleep?

Do you really need a Sleep App?

I generally know if I’ve had a good nights sleep or not without the aid of a Sleep App! So what does the monitor app tell me and why do I need to know? Well first off, it’s taken me a long time to get used to sleeping with a watch on. For years I’ve never worn a watch to bed, it just doesn’t feel right or comfortable. So this digital ball and chain that tracks everything and makes me feel like my privacy space is being invaded, does it do me any good? But being a bit of a geek I thought I’d give it a go. Well if my App is reporting correctly, I should have big black bags under my eyes as my average sleep for the past month is around 5 hours a night. Clearly not the 8 hours we should have.

This got me thinking because some nights I do sleep better than others during the week, and it also depends on which week of the month. I tend to sleep less towards the end of the month. All sorts of mind stimulation activity must be going on that keeps me away from deep sleep. But little did I know that too much deep sleep isn’t good for you either. So what is right for me? I’m still learning.

Food for thought.

I don’t look at my sleep pattern every day (probably because I mostly forget to) but when I’ve had a great nights sleep, or what I naturally believe was a good night I check it out. The App and myself don’t always agree. But when we do I take note of how much I had to drink (water, tea, coffee, etc..) the day before and what I had to eat to see that if I closely repeated this, would I sleep as well again?

As the months go by, I’ll try to keep this updated:

Average Sleep

January 2018 = 5hrs 5 min
February 2018 = 4hrs 50 min
March 2018 = 5hrs 24 min


If you’re a Fitbit user and want to know more about sleep stage [click here]

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