High Street Banks

High Street Banks are disappearing at an alarming rate. Should we be worried?

I can understand people have grown up with a bank they can walk in and pay money in, withdraw money or even speak with someone for advice. High Streets aren’t what they used to be and tradition is soon to be history.

High Street businesses need to change if they want a chance to keep up. The next generations of kids/students are coming and they have grown up with smartphones and know no different than going online first. Banks need to adopt the digital transformation that is happening. First Direct and Smile lead the way to change many years ago, but the ones who are really making waves in today’s world is Monzo! If you are a Monzo user you probably started with the pre-paid card. From within the App you can upgrade from pre-paid to a current account in just a few simple clicks. Pre-paid is coming to an end soon. It’s a simple to do from within the app. If you are not a Monzo account holder it is as easy as taking a selfie and a picture of your passport (or other photo ID) to open an account.

Innovation is driving businesses, not the other-way around.

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